Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome to the Ball

Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I write novels. My stories are set in the British Regency (1811 - 1820). You won't find me in a bookstore just yet, but I'm working hard to get there. I look forward to sharing my journey to publication with you. In future posts, I'll tell you a bit about why I write historical romance, and maybe share some snippets from my novels. For now, I just want to tell you a little bit about my hopes for this blog.

Why the name Bluestocking Ball? Well, let's let the words speak for themselves:

1. a woman with considerable scholarly, literary, or intellectual ability or interest.
1. a large, usually lavish, formal party featuring social dancing and sometimes given for a particular purpose, as to introduce debutantes or benefit a charitable organization.
2. Informal . a thoroughly good time

During the Regency, 'bluestocking' was a derogatory term. Educated and opinionated women were frowned upon in polite society. Females with intellectual pursuits were misfits. Even Jane Austen had to publish anonymously, as a female novelist was fodder for the gossip mill.

The Bluestocking Ball is a place to share and discuss our literary and intellectual interests. We'll chat about books and history and ideas. We'll talk about romance, and maybe someone will slip some champagne into the punch. In the nineteenth century, bluestockings were overlooked at balls. No respectable gentleman wanted to be seen with an undesirable lady. But at this ball, the bluestockings are taking over the floor.

So, welcome to the Bluestocking Ball. We're going to have a thoroughly good time.


  1. This is the kind of party I want to attend!

    Looking forward to more blog posts, Elizabeth.

  2. Present! Well, as much as I can be given my own scholarly endeavors ;) But I will follow with fervor....

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth - you've taught me something new already! This blog is sure to be informative as well as interesting...

  4. I'm impressed Elizabeth! Cheers!
    Team 20 - Erin NH

  5. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! The book I'm reading used the term "bluestocking" and I knew what it meant!!

    I love when I learn something and it sticks. :D