Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Pride and Prejudice!

Today marks the bicentennial of the publication of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

Doesn't look a day over 165

First published on January 28, 1813, Pride and Prejudice was an instant hit and met with rave reviews -- except from Charlotte Brontë, who found the novel to be "a disappointment." Of course she did.

What can I say about this novel that has not already been said? I've lamented the myriad, mediocre spinoffs and sequels. I've already told you how ardently I admire and love Pride and Prejudice. Its popularity has only grown in the last two hundred years. Fans of Elizabeth and Darcy show no signs of flagging in their devotion. And why should they? The novels themes of love, family, marriage, and class are as pertinent today as they were two hundred years ago. Readers still relate to Elizabeth Bennet. We still cringe at her mother's embarrassing behavior. We still love the special bond she shares with Jane. We still want Fitzwilliam Darcy to recognize her for the smart, loyal, loving person she is. And, gosh darn it, we still want them to achieve Happily Ever After.

Of course we did.

Here's to the next two hundred years, Pride and Prejudice.

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  1. Did you hear that the BBC is planning a regency ball in honor of the 200th anniversary of Pride & Prejudice? I don't know the exact date, but there's some info at:

    Just FYI!